Dear Client,

Essentially, I am a fine-art portrait photographer - someone who can portray you in the way YOU want to be portrayed to target YOUR CLIENTS. That's actually my passion in photography and where my strengths lie - that’s the artistic side of the game.

Who Am I and what do i do?

I have been a photographer for over thirty years and have established a comfortable place within the industry, having made many great friends along the way. I am personable, skilled and will go the extra yards to create something special with you - the important word here is with - not for. I work in a highly collaborative way where most of my shoots have been tailored to the particular needs of my Client. Often my Client will have their own artistic ideas, likes and dislikes. This is the area I've found I've been able to carve a niche - and is what many other photographers do not, or cannot, offer.

My Clients include private escorts (International and National) , escort agencies, models, family men and women, couples and many more.

I look forward to providing you with an obligation free quote.  

Prices start at $650 

"No one captures me as I am better" - ZOE
"By the one and only @mikestaceyphoto a master of modern day portraiture" - ANNE
"One of Sydney's finest portrait photographers. He's reliable, open-minded, flexible in skill, and super easy to work with. He has your interests at heart, and will without fail, capture the soul of every human put in front of his camera. His work speaks for humanity, the essence of people photography" - LOZ
"I’m so happy to see this and other images by the incredible @STACEYMIKEPHOTO published in this month's edition of @artofportrait_ magazine. I just checked it out and it’s truly a beautiful publication. Mike is a true artist and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to create with him" - EMMA
Mike is wonderful to work with. In addition to being very talented and skilled at what he does, he is also very kind, considerate, and treated me like an equal partner in the creative process. I look forward to working with him again! - ANDREA
"The thing that I love about Mike is his attention to detail unseen from the human eye, emotion. He captures such eloquent emotion which is why we work so well together." - LANEIKKA
"Mike and Gina were absolutely a dream team to work with. I enjoyed the pre production planning and how carefully they worked to create the exact look they wanted. Gina is a fantastic stylist with superb attention to detail. She has an extensive wardrobe and knows how to create a cohesive look. Mike is an amazing photographer with great timing to capture more constructed shots or candid emotive moments. Both were super easy to work with and we had a really fun time. I can't wait to work with them both again! Highly recommended duo!" - AMA