Ether #22  Pacific Ocean, 2011

Ether (2006 - 2013)

One of the prime motivators for this series lies in the depiction and interpretation of vast, seemingly boundless space. When space becomes the motivating concept, the image moves through a distillation process where only the most primitive elements remain; earth, sea, sky. The delineation of these elements by that universal separator – the horizon, creates a graphic strong point which also interests me.

Long exposures allow the viewer to appreciate the trajectories of the most elemental entities such as clouds, waves and stars. Many of these images include a single sharply defined detail; the horizon – which is offered as a boundary between the limits of physical vision and cognitive vision.

All of the images in this set were shot on either 4×5″ colour negative or transparency film with the exception of #11, #12, #16, #17 and #22 which were taken using 8×10″ black and white film – toned.