The Photographic Art Nude

This is Part I of The Photographic Art Nude Workshops - it will be held indoors. Part II will be landscape nudes and held outdoors (of course).


The emphasis of this workshop is on developing methods for creative vision, individual artistic composition and personal expression rather the more common emphasis on technical aspects such as lighting and camera controls. Also, the importance of relinquishing control in order to allow your creative mind and heart to flourish can’t be underestimated.

You will get a chance to work through a variety of sub genres in fine art nude photography under one-on-one guidance in a apartment-style setting, with a focus on ways to deliver the underlying objectives as an art nude photographer. 

This workshop will be taught using mostly natural light so you can feel confident to translate and apply your acquired skills to any indoor environment with minimal effort or cost.

An Information booklet will be provided to summarise the day's events.


  1. A brief history of the traditional art nude and its relevance to photography.

  2. A brief overview of the Art Nude in relation to the other common genres. Fashion, Portrait, Glamour, Boudoir, Erotica, Pornography - Example images and discussion.

  3. Techniques to portray the subject appropriate to personal objectives or genre

  4. An intro to Contextual, Conceptual, Bodyscape, Figure and Form and Movement

  5. Creative composition and personal expression

  6. How to communicate and work WITH your muse.

  7. One on one personalised guidance and instruction during shooting

  8. Model etiquette and logistics of shooting Art Nude

The muse in all the following photographs is Loz Lightyear Art Model