Thank You

Please check your email for your password to the Member’s Area and information about how you can manage your subscription. The email containing your password is called “Your Subscription to Mike Stacey’s Member Area”. The email is from my chosen Payment Processor (PayWhirl) and allows you to manage your subscription details. Any queries please just contact me via the Contact form.

Your subscription will go a long way to assisting me in my creative journey as a visual artist. I have several current projects which include exhibitions, books and personal development.

On the near horizon:

  • A book is underway containing images created during a week-long road trip to South Australia with former art model Loz Lightyear, or Lauren Michelle. None of this work has been published anywhere before

  • Another book, or multiple volumes, containing a large amount of unpublished work completed with former art model Loz Lightyear, or Lauren Michelle. This included numerous artistic concepts and themes

  • An ongoing documentary project tracking the life of travelling model Aurora Sprengel, or @poetic_minx. The project takes candid behind the scenes look at many of the ‘unglamorous’ aspects of the international travelling model lifestyle.

  • Multiple video projects created with former art model Loz Lightyear (Lauren Michelle). The videos have been shot but not yet edited. There is much writing and post production to do before they are completed.

  • Current Transgender Project: This is a stills project in collaboration with Kate Adamson. Kate’s initial draft statement is as follows:

    In Her Natural State is a non-glorified visual documentation of the transgender woman. In a world obsessed with beauty standards, this captures the transgender woman in a natural state and brings into view a taboo topic: the feminine penis. An important part of oneself that is to be embraced, not something to be hidden and ashamed of.”