Why Subscribe?

Producing photographic art that has soul and story is my passion.

I regularly exhibit my work and extend the photographic medium into new areas. My CV can be seen here, along with a personal bio.

Doing what I do does cost money unfortunately. Models cost money, travel costs money, everything costs money. I am committed to shooting a lot of film, and process that film myself by hand; that’s expensive too. I previously had full time employment in a professional career aside from photography which supported my art, but that’s changed and I am now working full time at my passion.

If you enjoy my work and vision, you’re support so that I can keep creating it and sharing it with you would be a huge thing in my life as a visual artist.

If you would like to see me continue and further my work into new areas, you can choose to support me by subscribing for a cost of $10 per month - or to use a cliche - the cost of a beer or a coffee per month. Cheers.

What Do You Get?

You get access to all of my premium content including:

  • Behind the scenes video, stills and words

  • My writing. I’ve always been an avid writer

  • All uncensored stills and video content specially selected and often specifically shot for members only

My Current Projects

  • A book is underway containing images created during a week-long road trip to South Australia with former art model Loz Lightyear, or Lauren Michelle. None of this work has been published anywhere before

  • Another book, or multiple volumes, containing a large amount of unpublished work completed with former art model Loz Lightyear, or Lauren Michelle. This included numerous artistic concepts and themes

  • An ongoing documentary project tracking the life of travelling model Aurora Sprengel, or @poetic_minx. The project takes candid behind the scenes look at many of the ‘unglamorous’ aspects of the international travelling model lifestyle.

  • Multiple video projects created with former art model Loz Lightyear (Lauren Michelle). The videos have been shot but not yet edited. There is much writing and post production to do before they are completed.

  • Current Transgender Project: This is a stills project in collaboration with Kate Adamson. Kate’s initial draft statement is as follows:

    In Her Natural State is a non-glorified visual documentation of the transgender woman. In a world obsessed with beauty standards, this captures the transgender woman in a natural state and brings into view a taboo topic: the feminine penis. An important part of oneself that is to be embraced, not something to be hidden and ashamed of.”

  • An Investigation of Censorship: Censorship of both the male and female body is now more rigid than we’ve seen in the last few decades - largely due to the sheer flood of nude and/or revealing imagery via social media. It’s a complex matter. We’re all aware of the social norm for beauty and the pressure on women to conform to that - and we’re aware of the fallout - the damaging psychological outcomes. Censorship is one device that contributes to this by essentially “shaming’ various aspects of our bodies; genitals, breasts, nipples, butts and pubic hair.

    I’m currently exploring this topic, both visually and otherwise. There’s one experimental image so far on Alt. Social - natural version in the member’s area.

  • Portraits from the Edge: A book of carefully selected portraits which have been shot in a certain light with a particular style. The models were also chosen for their ability to portray the ‘feel’ required for this series, which is sometimes very present and direct, sometimes distant and engaged in their own feelings. The book will be a showcase of my finest work as a portrait photographer. I will publish a full statement soon.

  • Self Portraiture: Essentially I am tired of model photography. My expression requires a model though, and it is often very difficult or impossible to express my true self via another person. Hence the basis for this experimental journey using myself as subject. I have numerous themes I’d like to explore, one is sexuality; and I feel more comfortable using myself as the subject for this, than another person.

Monthly Project Report

A monthly project status report is available in the member’s area.