Sensual Portraiture and Lighting

This course is aimed at photographers who would like to achieve more 'depth' in their portraiture work - toward a sensual representation. 

The 'depth' we look for is sensual, alluring, compelling, emotive, beautifully human, and true. There is nudity in these workshops but these are not Art Nude workshops. The Art Nude genre too often represents the subject in a one dimensional way, just the physical form alone - but humans possess so many beautiful and varied dimensions - and it is all these other dimensions that go together to define who that person is. It is these aspects that also enrich and form a more complete, more human and touching form of beauty.

In these workshops, we aim to capture these other human dimensions and not reduce people to their physical form alone. Nudity is used in a different way here, rather than objectifying and reducing the subject, it assists in emotive portraiture by creating an 'unveiling' effect - as a way to help reveal something more of the subject, something more intimate, a glimpse maybe...

My costs: $250 for 3HRS
Model costs: $90 - $110 per hour for 2 hours
Total cost for one person: $430 - $470
DURATION: 3 hours
LOCATION: I can run this workshop at a venue such as the Shakespeare Hotel in Sydney, at my place in the Blue Mountains, at your place, or anywhere! The workshop is dependent on good light of the right quality though.

Client Gallery

These images were all shot by Client's (Peter Lee & Colin Bates) during two of our Sensual Portraiture & Lighting Workshops. Credits are in the captions. Check out the work of these guys, it is really impressive - both shoot a mixture of film and digital but with a preference for film.

The model in all these is the lovely Ama Garatshun.