Analogue Portrait Nude Workshop

Film is my passion

This is a one of a kind workshop.

I’ve been shooting film non-stop for over 35 years. From landscapes and architecture to portraits, fashion and nudes. Come along and benefit from this experience. Film is one of those things that does require knowledge and practise of a number of different skills to end up with that perfect shot.

This workshop covers three primary things:

  1. Shooting Artistic Nude Portraits on film

  2. Developing your film

  3. Scanning your film

  4. Discussion and advice on equipment and where to purchase. Things like film, cameras, scanners, scanning software and plug-ins are all covered.

Shooting Artistic Nude Portraits on Film

Anoush Anou shot with a Pentax 67 on Kodak Tri-X

We cover the basics and also some more advanced concepts of shooting the artistic nude portrait genre using a film camera. This isn’t a common genre but it’s an extension of general portraiture with my own special emphasis on lighting (natural light), expression and emotion. I will show you how to go about capturing those elusive ‘looks’ and expressions that a model can provide. These are the aspects that have characterised my own personal work.

Developing Your Film

We then develop the rolls of film you shot during the earlier part of the session. The film and processing will typically be for black and white film although this is flexible around participant’s desires. Developing colour negative film is actually easier than black and white anyway!

Scanning Your Film

The day’s efforts come magically to life as I take you through proper modern film scanning techniques. We will do a small amount of editing after the scanning, but with film, not much is required anyway. Usually some dust spotting and/or scratch removal (or you may like to leave it there for the natural look) and basic contrast adjustments.