Muse: Andrea

20 Hours

Solid land vanished
Distant shore receding
Anchor chain cut
I drift
Blindly navigating this closed chamber

Thoughts that don’t belong to me
Percolate and bubble into consciousness
Thoughts that were previously easily banished
With no warning light, are complete
I can now visualise them like a continuous movie scene
Start, middle and.. ending
And it seems fine now, seems like me now

Then fear

Brutal words that uncomfortably belong to me, escape the chamber
Find their undeserved target, do their damage.
Now my voice is gone.
Smothered under remnant waves of nausea and disbelief
And heavily sedated under a full tide of regret and remorse


In my darkness I remember
That I never dreamed
This void
This veil
Words enter
And none escape
People reach in
I can’t reach out
Encased and empty

Come down from your mountain
Get down off the cross
They say
But there is no down
No up
No left or right
No mountain
But this veil and this nothing

The dreaming run is never fast enough
Stuck without answer
Can I help?
Unreachable and mute
Distant and thirsty
Hands pierce the veil
But I can’t hold them
I can’t be human
Just nothing.