Personal Mentoring Program

This is a unique program to take your work to the next level. Many photographers get to a point of technical expertise and then think, “what’s next? How do I get to the next level?” The answer has little to do with technical aspects - this is big bridge to cross and can be a challenging one. It will bring you to the level of being able to have an exhibition of your work - an exhibition with a concept, a statement, and some meaning.

It’s about developing your own personal artistic voice

Despite what many photographers think, this has little to do with achieving a particular ‘look’, it is about your own personal motivation and driving force.

Let me help you dig into your own internal resources in order to extract that special quality, that unique quality that is you.

No One Can Copy Your Personal Voice

No one can copy this, because no one can feel and see the world like you do.

The program is structured but also flexible to suit your requirements and availability - but I will push you! n order to slowly develop your voice and assist you in visualising and investing that voice into your work.

  • COST:

    • Private Mentoring cost - $60/HR over an average of 10 hours of mentoring which is done online using a combination of email, Dropbox, Google Docs and video link ups.

    • Shoot costs - You will have been shooting throughout the program but here will usually be at least one shoot where I am involved toward the end of the program; where I guide you through workflows and ideas which we will have already discussed. Model casting will also have been covered prior to this.
      My cost - 3 hrs, $200 for my time plus cost of the model. The model usually only models for two hours, with one hour being discussion and demo. All of this is flexible depending on requirements.