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Producing photographic art that has soul and story is my passion.

I regularly exhibit my work and extend the photographic medium into new areas. This does cost money unfortunately. Models cost money, travel costs money, everything costs money. I am committed to shooting a lot of film, and process that film myself by hand; that’s expensive too. I previously had full time employment in a professional career aside from photography, but that’s changed and I am now working full time at my passion.

If I share my work with you and you enjoy what I share, you’re support so that I can keep creating it and sharing it with you would be a huge thing in my life as a visual artist.

If you do appreciate what I do, and would like to see me continue and further this work, you can choose to support me by subscribing for a cost of $10 or more per month - or to use a cliche - the cost of a beer or a coffee per month. Cheers.

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You get access to all of my premium content including:

  • Behind the scenes video, stills and words

  • My writing. I’ve always been an avid writer

  • All uncensored stills and video content specially selected and often specifically shot for members only