Dune #9, 2011

Dune (2010 - 2013)

These are essentially photographs of light, tone, texture and line.

There is no narrative with these pictures. Instead, they rely on the primal language of those visual elements. In many ways, they contradict the common thought that contemporary photography is all about the story and instead, provide pieces that can be viewed for what they are, in a visual sense alone. In this way, without a guiding anecdote steering the viewer's eye and hence perception, a deeper appreciation of the spaces depicted can be achieved.

The images depict a landscape where these visual elements of light, tone, texture and line blend in the most subtle and gradual way, revealing the illusive and elementary form of the land. Sometimes the light is so soft that all traces of contrast disappear and forms seem to morph into other forms creating a level of abstraction that deceives the eye. This level of abstraction, or confusion, is where the most profound appreciation of the space can be found.

For many of the photographs, an 8×10″ studio camera was used to capture the tenuous nature of light and tone found in the dunes. Colour negative and black and white film was hand developed in a drum, scanned at high resolution and the final works are available as C-prints or archival pigment prints on cotton rag at sizes up to 48 x 60″. Presentation – white timber frame with or without matt, print signed and numbered in pencil in white border.