Artistic Nude Workshop

Who Are We?

Aurora by Mike Stacey

Aurora by Mike Stacey

Aurora Sprengel

A passionate international full-time model with over 4 years of experience. She has a dual - Polish/Australian - background. Aurora works as a fashion, nude fashion and fine art model. She is dedicated to her craft.

Throughout her work and travels across the world, she has been complimented on her versatility based on variation of poses and expressions. Additionally, she is also working photographer and hence is able to assist with artistic direction if needed.

Mike by Aurora Sprengel

Mike by Aurora Sprengel

Mike Stacey

Mike has a background of over two decades of teaching experience as a University lecturer and higher education teacher. He has also worked as an Instructional Designer within the corporate and health sectors. Mike is now working full time as a freelance photographer and teacher of photography. He has experience across all genres with numerous arts exhibitions and publications to his credit over nearly four decades of working with a camera. 

Together, Mike and Aurora make a compelling team for your workshop. Aurora’s modelling skills and passion combined with Mike’s teaching background and photography experience mean you will walk away having actually learned something!

Shooting Artistic Nude

We cover the basics and also some more advanced concepts of shooting the artistic nude genre.

  • A hands on workshop where you learn:

    • What is the Artistic Nude genre?

      • Figure and form

      • Bodyscape

      • Conceptual

      • Expressive and gestural

      • Portrait nude

    • How to light the nude

    • Camera settings - manual mode is primarily covered

    • Model Communication: model etiquette, booking a model,

    • Composition, concept and context

  • Suited to photographers at all levels

  • Portfolio Building: You will walk away with amazing images for your portfolio

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion with you!