sylph sia

Acknowledge your Inspiration - Fully

A lot of my fashion and portrait work has been inspired by two principle people - Kesler Tran (his earlier BW work - 2012-2015) and Peter Lindbergh. .

Shots like this of Sylph have aspects about them that I always observed in Tran’s work. So I dissected his images, the light, the model attitude, the locations, the conditions, the angles, and even his workflow. For me to not acknowledge that, is ridiculous. I’ve used his work for inspiration. It has driven aspects of my approach as starting points, from where I’ve then taken it in different directions.

I’ve acknowledged Tran and also Lindbergh numerous times and am not afraid to do so. This is important, yet I see so much work now that is presented as solely the work of the artist. Even with mood-boards, add credits to your references! That’s a note to self as well. .