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For Sigrid

“I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone…”
- Gilmour and Waters.

Sigrid was my neighbour. She passed away today. She was a wonderfully rich (not $) German woman partnered to Gabi, another German woman. Sigrid grew up in Berlin. We had many wonderful chats in the backyard about Berlin in the 70s and 80s, about music, about relationships, my art, about life. Sigrid had cancer. Gabi had a big job looking after her. Smoking was not allowed for Sigrid, and I understand Gabi’s view.

Recently, while Gabi was away in Europe, Sigrid and I would catch up and chat, smoke cigarettes (she showed me her secret stash of cigarettes), and drink the great coffee she would make me. I shared something with her. She shared something with me, gave me something which I still have. She’s gone now, but the part of herself, and her life experience she gave me remains. .

Model: @anoushanou


Photography or Model Photography?

“I think a good portrait says a lot more about the photographer than about the person portrayed. The subject or person
you choose to photograph, the place where you position someone, the moment you capture, the selection, the editing, the use of light—all of these elements are the choices of the photographer. I think we are all (unconsciously) searching for recognition, for something we know, something about ourselves. I think that is having your ‘own style’ within the medium; the reflection of the photographer can be seen in the work.” - Robin De Puy.

This is why general model photography will never be the domain of serious and respected portraiture. Recognition for your work is based on factors extraneous to the above. ‘Likes’ and appreciation are based on socially acceptable norms for beauty (nothing to do with what makes a good portrait)

Also, as photographers we wrongly feel a need to gain appreciation from the model in the photograph. If they do appreciate it, they’ll post it on social media and you will gain more ‘recognition’ for your portrait. Again, nothing to do with a good portrait.

Viewers of model photographs, in my experience, find it almost impossible to see past the above, and truly look at the photograph to identify aspects such as those mentioned by Robin above.

With regard to all this, I feel a huge freedom from the skewed photographic views of the model photography world with my self portraiture. It’s me physically in the pictures of course, but there’s more of me in there than that.

Only one person from the model photography world has ever said they see me in my model work. Thank you Kat @poetic_minx .

Model: @anoushanou who never ceases to inspire my portraiture

The Road Less Travelled