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The Act

Beneath every silver lining lies a dark cloud.

I’m interest in dark clouds because they represent reality. I enjoy the act we all stage for the world, but reality is the thing that, for me, slices through the most convincing of acts and make a photograph something timeless and of value.

Bangkok, February 2019.

Elements - Sarah

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Featuring touring art model Sarah.

This shoot was down at my favourite coastal Sydney location. I know the light here well and it’s varied from soft reflective through to strong backlight and low angled sunset lighting. Sarah had expressed a desire to concentrate on her portrait modelling and these images show her versatility and skill with expressive portraiture. We only shot from 3pm to 5pm and that included half an hour or more of walking so I’m amazed at how many great images there are. Always a sign of a great model…

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A Bit of Everything - Anne Duffy

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25 high resolution images of one of the most experienced art models in the business. This post showcases many of Anne’s abilities. The 25 images are spread across 2 main categories:

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Simple, Uncomplicated & Impromptu

This would be one of the simplest, most uncomplicated and impromptu shoots I’ve done. There were 4 rolls of TRI-X shot with Sass-kia during a one-one-one workshop for another photographer back in March. I’ve posted one of the rolls on Alt. Social previously but every one of those 4 rolls is quite amazing. This doesn’t happen very often. Thanks Sass-Kia.