Kate and I had our second shoot the other day which consisted of some portraits, some fashion, some nudes and also images for our project about the feminine penis. See the projects page for a description of that project.


As a photographer I can do no more than set up a ‘situation’. How each photographer goes about setting up ‘situations’ is more important than absolutely everything else. Not talking technical rubbish, rather an environment for the model to *freely* express themselves within. 

The expressive movement and charged facial expressions that @poetic.minx dragged from that ‘situation’ and context did blow me away.

Thank you to Bianca Wolff for this custom vintage wedding dress.

Elements - Sarah

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Featuring touring art model Sarah.

This shoot was down at my favourite coastal Sydney location. I know the light here well and it’s varied from soft reflective through to strong backlight and low angled sunset lighting. Sarah had expressed a desire to concentrate on her portrait modelling and these images show her versatility and skill with expressive portraiture. We only shot from 3pm to 5pm and that included half an hour or more of walking so I’m amazed at how many great images there are. Always a sign of a great model…

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A Bit of Everything - Anne Duffy

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25 high resolution images of one of the most experienced art models in the business. This post showcases many of Anne’s abilities. The 25 images are spread across 2 main categories:

  • Nude

  • Fashion Nude

Vanity Fair

This shoot with Meluxine was years ago now and was shot mainly for the ADORNED series that was exhibited at GalleyOne88 in Katoomba during August 2016. The large format portrait work followed up on initial shoot with early collaborator and dear friend Bianca Wolff. I had seen a few shots Meluxine had done with a tin plate enthusiast and given her long modelling career and vast experience I knew she'd be familiar with the large format workflow. I’d also worked with her before was confident she could hold a pose for the required length of time.

During the week GIAN Styling and I got hold of some jewellery which would fit the film portrait theme and it looked fantastic hanging off Meluxine's neck. She also had her own things from Mexico that she brought along and added to the mix. True to form Meluxine's look and gaze, not to mention hair, were perfect for these shots and I loved shooting with her again. 

We shot in Vanity Fair Studios in Sydney, run by Christine Dengate, and with Christine and Gina's help, managed to arrange the lighting to be something similar to what I had worked out with Bianca last week. 

After spending only an hour snapping off about 15 sheets of 4x5, we headed out into the courtyard outside the studio to shoot some fashion/nude stuff. Hope you enjoy all these free images.

4x5’s for ‘ADORNED’



A Little Bit of Europe

This shoot with Francesca Grisenti happened about a month ago in Sydney. It’s taken some to edit as we shot a lot of images across a few different concepts. I’m very proud of this set - and much thanks goes to Fran for ‘acting out’ the aesthetic that we both connect with.

I’ve written a good amount of text about the shoot, including technical info, on the project page which can be seen HERE.

Acknowledge your Inspiration - Fully

A lot of my fashion and portrait work has been inspired by two principle people - Kesler Tran (his earlier BW work - 2012-2015) and Peter Lindbergh. .

Shots like this of Sylph have aspects about them that I always observed in Tran’s work. So I dissected his images, the light, the model attitude, the locations, the conditions, the angles, and even his workflow. For me to not acknowledge that, is ridiculous. I’ve used his work for inspiration. It has driven aspects of my approach as starting points, from where I’ve then taken it in different directions.

I’ve acknowledged Tran and also Lindbergh numerous times and am not afraid to do so. This is important, yet I see so much work now that is presented as solely the work of the artist. Even with mood-boards, add credits to your references! That’s a note to self as well. .