Elements - Sarah

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Featuring touring art model Sarah.

This shoot was down at my favourite coastal Sydney location. I know the light here well and it’s varied from soft reflective through to strong backlight and low angled sunset lighting. Sarah had expressed a desire to concentrate on her portrait modelling and these images show her versatility and skill with expressive portraiture. We only shot from 3pm to 5pm and that included half an hour or more of walking so I’m amazed at how many great images there are. Always a sign of a great model…

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A Little Bit of Europe

This shoot with Francesca Grisenti happened about a month ago in Sydney. It’s taken some to edit as we shot a lot of images across a few different concepts. I’m very proud of this set - and much thanks goes to Fran for ‘acting out’ the aesthetic that we both connect with.

I’ve written a good amount of text about the shoot, including technical info, on the project page which can be seen HERE.

A Cup of Tea, an Apple, a Shower and a Lie Down

An second erotic e-Zine, shot as a mix of MF film and digital, and featuring Nakita Fox will be in the shop soon. Remember, 15% discount to all Alt. Social subscibers. The images will also feature on Nakita’s own platform.

So named because Nakita said it was the easiest shoot she’d ever done and only required her to make a cup of tea, eat an apple, take a shower and have a nice lie down.


Acknowledge your Inspiration - Fully

A lot of my fashion and portrait work has been inspired by two principle people - Kesler Tran (his earlier BW work - 2012-2015) and Peter Lindbergh. .

Shots like this of Sylph have aspects about them that I always observed in Tran’s work. So I dissected his images, the light, the model attitude, the locations, the conditions, the angles, and even his workflow. For me to not acknowledge that, is ridiculous. I’ve used his work for inspiration. It has driven aspects of my approach as starting points, from where I’ve then taken it in different directions.

I’ve acknowledged Tran and also Lindbergh numerous times and am not afraid to do so. This is important, yet I see so much work now that is presented as solely the work of the artist. Even with mood-boards, add credits to your references! That’s a note to self as well. .


The other thing. The other thing, which is probably more important than anything is the photographer’s ability (or lack of) to capture moments within moments. Only a photographer, probably a documentary photographer’s (James Motty), could realise this aspect. To be able to seize moments out of life that tell a whole story, a whole movie, at the click of a shutter is an art in itself. Not every photographer can do this, and that’s fine, photography encompasses many things, many of which I don’t/can’t do.

So concept or idea aside, it’s irrelevant if the photographer can’t do this bit. Even where there is a defined concept, the approach and skill required is exactly the same. The photographer is a hunter, who is constantly ‘hunting’, for moments, of and within life itself - which is playing out in front of him/her. The unadorned beauty and fragility of life itself. You can either see and react within a thousandth of a second to that, or not.

For me, this is what I do best. It is irrelevant to me what or who the subject is, when I’m shooting like this I’m not thinking about the subject, at all. People need to get that. Look at the photograph, not the subject. If I’ve managed to capture a moment like this one shown, I’m a satisfied and completed photographer. My job is done and dusted.

@poetic.minx Amsterdam 2018


There are 5 rolls of film from this shoot with Loz. Two of 35mm and three of 120 - all colour. I’m slowly putting a set together for submission somewhere. Anyone any ideas where to submit them? They’re not glam enough for most mags that do nudes, so it needs to be a art mag of sorts. I’d appreciate any suggestions.


This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Kate, who is a transgender person and lives here in the mountains. She approached me recently with a view to artistic collaboration. Od course I said yes. I’m very inspired by this use of my camera and skill. Like I always say #saysomething

I wrote some words when I got home from the shoot. They reflect the way I felt about the images I’d taken, which were exactly as I had pre-envisioned them. The words are not Kate’s, she has written her own statement for this work which we’ll publish soon.

In quiet sunken valley
When the sun has set
And everyone’s moved on
All their ears turned away
She stays to feel the cool dew
She stays to listen
To the last Koel.

These were shot on a film I’ve never used before but am over the top impressed with. So what was it? Lomography 800. Awesome film, more results coming soon.

Fear and Loathing in Wollongong

It’s out!

Fear and Loathing in Wollongong - the full erotic set featuring BeeBee Gunn published into a quality PDF e-Zine for optimum full screen viewing. Shot completely on film on location in my usual way. Subscribers to Alt. Social receive a 15% discount on this $15 high resolution e-Zine.

Subscribers use this code on checkout: 64GWJRO

NOTE: do not purchase this if you have a problem with explicit nudity. Feedback welcome.

Here’s a link straight to the e-Zine.


Coming very soon to my online store, this erotic e-Zine, shot entirely on MF film and featuring @bee_bee_gunn; who was obviously the model but who also wrote the intro words to the mag, based on her experience with Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘Fear & Loathing’. One of my favourite reads. .

She has a tattoo on her right thigh to mark the importance of the book in her life.

The e-Zine is most obviously and unashamedly within the Erotic genre.

My forward reads:

The photographs shown in this e-Zine are clearly erotic in nature. For me, this work is one extension of my portrait photography. I approached it in the exact same way. My portrait work is, by nature, intimate. It usually requires the model to reveal something of themselves that they might not otherwise reveal in most modelling situations. I am always looking to extend myself, and this arm of my work is one of the ways I've challenged myself to come up with something that works for me. And it was indeed challenging for me.

My own opinion on much of model photography is that it is Erotica. It is sensual and sexual in nature by the following definition: . .

”Eroticism refers to all the phenomena that arouse sexual desire, and the various representations, particularly cultural and artistic, which express or excite this affection of the senses. Eroticism from sexuality, as it does not refer to the sexual act itself, but rather to everything that provokes sexual desire, and to all the mental projections that it evokes, especially fantasies.”

The above includes most model photography, and it includes much of so called ‘art nude’ photography. It is sensual in nature, designed to arouse desire, hence fitting within the bounds of the Erotica genre. Obviously, I have no problem at all with Erotica, it draws on our primal instincts as humans. But, if it's Erotica, then call it Erotica, don’t hide it under some genre which it clearly isn’t. I have no problem in calling this work EROTICA, and having my name associated with it. It is #notartnude

#saysomething #ornothing