Travelling Model Project

The Travelling Model Project documents the life of an international travelling model. The model is Aurora Sprengel or @poetic.minx ( The images and videos show an intimate and behind the scenes view of what this life entails.

A selection of images and the full version of the video above available in the $10 PHOTOSETS, CANDIDS AND PROJECTS tier

Featuring Aurora Sprengel (@poetic.minx) Video & Edit: Mike Stacey Music: Gary Clark - 'Bright Lights'

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Assorted BTS from Europe, New York and Bangkok

Here’s some random shots fro travels during 2018 and 2019.

Light testing - Bangkok, Feb 2019

Light testing - New York, Oct 2018

Light Testing in New York, Oct 2018

Test shot with Aurora for an art nude shot - Bangkok Feb 2019

Test shot for some nude self portraits - Bangkok, Feb 2019

Natural portrait of Aurora, Antwerp Aug 2018

Dovile and Aurora getting ready for the duo shoot in Antwerp, Aug 2018

Minh-Ly making up Aurora during an amazing night where there were four people, everyone had turns at being models and photographer. Amsterdam Aug 2018.

Minh-Ly shooting Alex smoking a joint. Amsterdam, Aug 2018

I have squllions of shots like this, let me know if you’d like to see more.

An Organic and Spontaneous Workflow

A short preview from a video we made for the NO HANDS exhibition. Full video on my website or Lauren’s under the NO HANDS link.

The video was made for the exhibition to illustrate how we made the pictures that were in the show. The workflow of photographer and model, and very much a process that evolved organically over a long period of time. Mainly me having to find ways to shoot a model who was continuously moving, never still but also an exhibit of Lauren’s expressive capabilities. She was clothed for this demo but of course hardly ever clothed for the rest of the work.

To do this video I had to find a way to obtain the same light as at her place, where we shot all the exhibition stills. Pretty simple flagging of light on both sides to suck light from the shadows on the side and a reflector inside out used as scrim (to simulate frosted glass) pegged to the window. Choice of window was important. Sun was direct but low angle winter sun (and it was changing which made it tricky). I was shooting this on Lauren’s fairly cheap camera and lens as mine was recording the video; but the results are just as good as using a more expensive camera.

Lauren’s website:

Music on this video was the track we listened to as the video was done: ‘Ride it On’ by Mazzy Star.

Both she and I have a whole page dedicated to the NO HANDS exhibit including videos, bios, text, BTS and more. Plus all the prints from the show are available for purchase, see catalogue at bottom of NO HANDS page. Hope you find it interesting.

Much much more new work coming from continuing projects.

My Art

What I do best. No one other than Lindbergh and some of the classic portraitists like Penn, have influenced this type of work. And it’s ALWAYS been the mainstay of my work as a photographer.

Various people I’ve worked with have helped move some of my work to different areas and techniques but my default and most personal, and most personally satisfying work, and what I think is my best work, has not changed.

For me, the best work I did in Europe was based around this particular project and I’m proud of the work. It’s MY art. These are not model shots They were taken candidly.

@poetic.minx Antwerp, 27th August 2018