Vacate the Shit Hole for a New Life

This is my last post to Instagram and the ‘story’ below it is my last story. When that ‘story’ expires, I’m gone.

Quoted from that last post:

This got deleted. I guarantee people will ‘like’ this post because of the image and not even read my monologue.

Think I’m gonna chunder.
Then disappear.

Shallow brainless fucken shit which is a disgrace to the profession of photography and to the discipline of art.

I want no further involvement with anyone who condones this mindless tripe.

Instagram is a scourge to me. Instagram people are addicts. Trying to have a conversation with one is impossible - they are constantly thinking about social media - checking their stories, their feed, their messages. And this picture above represents the world they are addicted to. Well you can have it. .

If you think you can have a conversation with me without needing to check your feed and you have the ability to drag yourself away from this fucked up shit hole, then find me through my website because I’m gone from here when my current story expires.

And some comments from that post follow:


It is unfortunate Mike that everything these days is related to social media and how many "likes" we can get. We have hundreds or thousands of so called "followers" of our work who are happy to see and like bastardised photographs due to puritanical social media rules, yet to see our work, unadulterated and how we planned viewers to view it, cannot get those same people to engage with our website. I also find it very frustrating.


@brad_page_photography thanks Brad. I know you find it frustrating. You’r a good mate.


You're monologue was spot on. I personally only clicked like after reading what you had to say. In fact I was taken aback by you posting the image because it is the complete opposite of who you are and what you represent. Sadly those types of images will always attract a swathe of likes simply because they appeal to the lowest form of whit.


@adam_analoguethanks Adam for knowing that this type of garbage is the opposite to my true intent. Not everyone sees that which is fine. My heart and soul with the camera lies within the work you so graciously supported when you purchased a copy of COALESCE magazine. That meant the world to me. Thank you.


Interestingly this image reminds me of a very well known “insta style” photographer :)


@turnipagenda and he’s gone.

I’m the first one to acknowledge that I’ve been part of it all and that is probably the hardest thing to accept. It just isn’t me and doesn’t represent what I do best with a camera. My true intent. So I need to now stick to that, and people know what that intent is.

And the Accompanying Story

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