Observations From Behind the Wall

More observations from behind the wall:

Many people in this ‘industry’ turn their noses down at the concept of ‘art’. Comments like ‘how can a blurred image of an unrecognisable subject, or a photograph of a telegraph pole etc. , be called art? Or there’s also the feeling that people who call themselves artists are up their own arses.

Art is nothing more than having something to say and having the guts to say it. So whatever visual form that expression takes, doesn’t matter. If you’re only looking at the visual, you’re missing the point. Look at the idea, the concept, think about what it means to you, inside and with an open untethered mind.

One of the great benefits, in a social sense, of art is that it has the power to potentially change the way some people will think about a certain subject because the subject matter has been presented in a new way, a way that hasn’t been seen before. The viewer can then see that thing in a new way - and maybe, their opinion of the concept will change slightly. So if you feel strongly about something, anything, then say it, and say it loud.

In regards to the model photography network, there are very few people who seem to be challenging the beliefs and motives of, well, anything. If you’re happy doing that, then all power to you, but please don’t exhibit reverse snobbery against those who feel the need to challenge, and to express.
Model: @mona_gene_
Amsterdam, 2018