Fake Photographs

I normally retouch the skin of the people I shoot. I either smooth out or erase wrinkles, bumps, pimples, cellulite and skin texture. I think it’s important you the viewer of my images know that. You’re not seeing the human subject as they are in real life. .

Sometimes I also use the warp tool in photoshop to push areas in on the figure that are not socially acceptable - like areas of fat - I also flatten stomachs, thin out thighs and calves, change facial bone structure and push in the area above the hip to create a more socially acceptable S shape.

Why do I do it then? Because I photograph models and the images I make go into their portfolios which other photographers see. Most photographers want to shoot women who have flawless skin and the socially acceptable body shape. Agencies and companies who may hire the models for advertising also want the socially acceptable body shape, facial shape and smooth skin.

So in effect what I’m saying is that I’m sucked in to this ideal of the socially acceptable facial and body type for women. And this work I do with models is not me. Not only do I comply with it, I reinforce it by presenting my ‘adjustments’ for public view on an International scale. .

These images of Mona Gene had no skin retouching done by the way. I started to do it, to smooth some wrinkles etc and as I worked, I saw the beautiful emotion and expression Mona exhibited, slowly disappear before my eyes.

I’m losing respect for myself by doing this and certainly loosing respect for other photographers who do the same; which is virtually of them in the model photography game.

What do you think?

Model: @mona_gene_ . These were shot with no direction from me at all.

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