This video was made last week in some of the most amazing atmospheric conditions I’ve seen. There was a front coming through, clouds were building and there were light showers in the air. The light was crazy.

We essentially made it up on the spot, or Aurora did anyway. I shot it mainly from inside her shadow, which was tricky obviously as she was moving around a lot. The soundtrack was chosen whilst driving around in the car later that evening, the song ‘Black Dress’ by Insightful came on and I knew right away that was going to be it. Later that evening when viewing the footage Aurora had the idea of shooting some portrait sequences which were used as ‘counter viewpoints’ and mixed in throughout the story. The whole video was edited that night in about an hour or so.

We we're shooting that night until the sun came up - 12 hours of creative effort all up including another video (aptly names ‘Haters’ which was conceived whilst we were in Amsterdam a couple pf months ago) and a heap of stills.

Stay tuned for ‘Haters’, which will be out soon.


Featuring: Aurora Sprengel (@poetic_minx)
Video: Mike Stacey (@staceymikephoto)
Edit: Mike Stacey/Aurora Sprengel
Music: 'Black Dress' - Insightful