NO HANDS in Hindsight

The NO HANDS exhibition page here on my website is complete now. Just have to organise it a bit better like Lauren has - she’s divided it up so it’s more digestible - check out her site. It’s such a huge body of work, we both have only recently realised just what a mammoth effort it was; which you can see via the BTS shots on the exhibition pages.

We are continuing to work on existing projects, of which there are many! Plus, of course, new ideas and new projects.

Here are a couple of prints from the show:


Extra Images

These were shot during sessions for NO HANDS but not exhibited.

Muse: Lauren Michelle

Muse: Lauren Michelle showing what a great art model can do.


So glad Lauren had this lighter side and take on depression. It added much needed balance to the show as a whole. These are for sale, see the exhibition page for the catalogue.

‘Narcissm’ - Lauren Michelle

‘Joy Ride’ - Lauren Michelle