Sofie - Amsterdam

Sofie and Johnny (he’s in frame #12) live in a second story apartment near the red light district in Amsterdam. They run a photography business called Point in Time Photography and also a canal tour business offering really affordable and super friendly boat rides.

The light in Sofie and Jonnie’s apartment was something else, my favourite type of light, soft and reflected - what I call ‘Lindbergh Light’. It often occurs in south facing windows in the southern hemisphere and the opposite in the northern hemisphere. Paolo Roversi (as well as Lindbergh) are renowned for their use of this type of light. Roversi’s studio in Paris has large windows and faces north.

After the shoot, which consisted of a bunch of digitals and 4 rolls of Kodak Portra, and a few various set-ups, I went for a quick run through the avenues of Amsterdam with Sofie to meet the boat cruise that Jonnie had going at the time. We jumped on the boat and visited a local bar and of course toured the canals. Such a fun afternoon and evening. Check out Sofie and Jonnie on Instagram and get in touch if you’re going to Amsterdam.

About These Shots

Here is one of the four rolls of film. There is no post processing done except for setting the black point. The images are straight off the scanner and prior to that the film was processed in the sink at home.

Film, particularly medium format film, is the core of my work. In fact, only a couple of particular films and a particular camera and a particular way of film processing and scanning prior to editing. And, a particular way of shooting of course.

You can see the dust and scratches and the stuff I’d usually remove prior to posting. The contact sheet is one of the best and most raw ways to see what a photographer has done (or not done). It also shows their workflow and thinking, from shot to shot. Scary, but true when you look at the sequence of shots here.

Sofie’s a great model, quintessentially Dutch in appearance and with a lovely soft yet open character. The window shots were an attempt to capture the most ‘Dutch’ and European aspect I could. With the typical Amsterdam architecture in the left of the frame and a courtyard full and busy with people, and Sofie in the right of the frame.

There are still another three rolls of shots to edit from this shoot which I’ll post soon

When I’m back in Amsterdam, hopefully sooner than later, I hope Sofie and Jonnie are still there cause I’ll be heading back to their place.

Digital Contact Sheet (2 scans)

Individual Shots

Next Story?

The next post is maybe one the best single rolls of film I’ve shot. Again, the whole roll will be posted - 10 shots. The model is @sasskia.model .