This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Kate, who is a transgender person and lives here in the mountains. She approached me recently with a view to artistic collaboration. Od course I said yes. I’m very inspired by this use of my camera and skill. Like I always say #saysomething

I wrote some words when I got home from the shoot. They reflect the way I felt about the images I’d taken, which were exactly as I had pre-envisioned them. The words are not Kate’s, she has written her own statement for this work which we’ll publish soon.

In quiet sunken valley
When the sun has set
And everyone’s moved on
All their ears turned away
She stays to feel the cool dew
She stays to listen
To the last Koel.

These were shot on a film I’ve never used before but am over the top impressed with. So what was it? Lomography 800. Awesome film, more results coming soon.