My Place

This is my place. It feels like my place. My rules, of which there are none, my way of presenting myself to you. I say presenting ‘myself’ to you because my art, my photographs are me. Which is what all art should be. If it isn’t, then it’s not art.

My journey from Instagram to here has been a slow one. This year has been a huge year personally. I left my job and career in May, due to health reasons. Since then I’ve survived off savings. During this time there have been a lot of changes, new experiences, loves, travels, betrayals, laughter, depression, exhibitions, and the list goes on. It’s been big. It’s all ended in a place that isn’t nice. And I’m exhausted.

Instagram has never been a good place for me in terms of the anxiety it causes me. So I hope this little venture works.

If you’ve come over here from instagram, then I thank you. I carried on about that in a video on the first post here on November 2nd.

There will be more posts here now I guess. Usually a couple of images per post, and of course at high resolution and designed to be viewed on a large computer screen. I put a lot of thought and time into designing this website to maximise the message that I want to send with my photographs and video. I hope you can see them and feel them. If you do, then you are connecting with me in the best way possible, no words required.

This Shoot

The content I’m presenting to you was shot in January 2017 at my favourite place on the coastline of Sydney. The model is Anne Duffy. I’ve chosen this shoot, and Anne, because she is almost my longest term collaborator and she ‘gets’ my work. She just knows.

The initial image that inspired me - by Peter Coulson

Some of my first shoots with Anne were a learning experience for me. I remember contacting her through Model Mayhem after looking at a single image of her which was taken by Peter Coulson. That image was right inline with what I wanted to do. We talked about shooting and in the end I backed out, thinking I wasn’t experienced enough to shoot with her. How wrong I was. Anne would be one of the best models to shoot with if you didn’t know what you were doing with model photography. Her patience, experience, ability and professionalism is second to none I know.

This shoot was themed around an idea I’d slowly developed in my head after shooting at some other coastal locations and seeing some work of Peter Lindbergh’s, who often shoots along the bleak coastlines of the Netherlands and France.

It wasn’t a long shoot but very productive, as always. The images shown here are all film except three and many haven’t been published anywhere before now.

I look forward to hopefully many more years of working with Anne.

A lovely and personally very special accolade which came from Anne is included here, from her Instagram page.

The Video - ‘How Wild the Sea’

This was one of my very first attempts at video. I started by creating slideshows of stills, set to music which inspired me. This one actually included some short video footage also. Possibly the first video I ever shot.

Music is a huge inspiration for me and this soundtrack by Paul Mercer titled ‘Undefined Consciousness’ hits the nail on the head as far as the atmosphere and vibe I felt was core to the concept.

The Images

What happens when you change films in bright sunlight.