Featuring Aurora Sprengel
Video and Edit: Mike Stacey
Filmed in Antwerp, August 2018

Featuring: Francesca Grisenti
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey
Music: “Obra De Amor Y Gracia” - Alicia Sevilla
Filmed in Sydney: May 2018

Concept: Lauren Michelle
Featuring: Lauren Michelle
Video: Mike Stacey
Edit: Mike Stacey & Lauren Michelle
Music: Ori and Humanfobia - 'Lux Entities Invasion'
Filmed in the Blue Mountains, January 2018


Featuring: Francesca Grisenti
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey
Music: 'Desperate Man' - Kalabrese
Filmed in Sydney, May 2018


Concept: Lauren Michelle
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey & Lauren Michelle
Music: Fever Ray 'Keep the Streets Empty for Me'
Featuring: Loz Lightyear & Reuben Johnson
Filmed in Sydney: December 2017 & January 2018

Erasing the Shadow

Featuring Loz
Concept: Lauren Michelle
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey
Music: Goëtia | Dark Magic Music
Filmed at Margaret Siding Ruins,
Oodnadatta Track, SA October, 2017


Featuring: @smartcookiecookie
Filmed in Sydney 2017
Music: The Heavy - 'Coleen'

Distant Mars

Featuring: Lauren Michelle
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey
Concept: Lauren Michelle
Music: "Our Special Place" - The Heavy
Filmed in Sydney, November 2017


Artist/Muse: Loz Lightyear - Art model-muse
Video & Edit: Me
Music: Massive Attack
FIlmed in the Blue Mountains

Black Water Subsistence

Muse: Loz Lightyear
Music: The Blackwater Fever
Filmed in Sydney, April 2017

Words by Lauren Michelle...

Unsolicited movement
Breaking down on the dark
in defiance

Falling through myself
A succinct truth
upon enclosure

You could have walked with me here

Exuding caustic
black pools tremor
with discord

But It's the only place I know.

An enticing displacement
a profound emergence
calling on my name

Blemished authenticity
Condescending to light
Shelter to none

Who would have wanted me here?

A washed-up existence
A ruthless pursuit
Waiting on an accolade

How wise
this version of you

- Lauren Michelle

True Colours

Featuring LANEIKKA
Video and Edit: Mike Stacey
Music: "Everyone Wants to be Found" - by Fabrizio Paterlini
Filmed in Sydney, April 2017
Part of an ongoing exploration...


Featuring: Danielle
Music "Soulfight" - The Revivalists
Filmed in Sydney, July 2017


Featuring: Sass-Kia
Video and Edit: Mike Stacey
Music: 'Bright Lights' - Vandelux
Filmed in Sydney, July 2017

A Short Winter Story

Featuring: Genevieve (@geniemodel)
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey
Music chosen by Genevieve: Mazzy Star - 'Look on Down from the Bridge'
Shot in Sydney, July 2017


Featuring Katarzyna Sprengel
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey
Concept: Mike Stacey & Katarzyna Sprengel

Eyes on Fire

Featuring: Anoush Anou
Video and Edit: Mike Stacey


Featuring: Sophie Moyle
Video and Edit: Mike Stacey
Music: 'Seagull' - Paul Rogers, Mick Ralphs

Filmed in Sydney, May 2017

Conversation with Myself

Artist: Loz Lightyear
Filmed on location in Sydney, April 2017
Read the backstory in my blog.

Wind Song

Model: Anne Duffy
Filmed on location in Sydney, April 2017

New Horizons

Model: Loz Lightyear

Shot on location in Sydney, April 2017


Model: Anoush Anou

Filmed on location in Sydney, March 2017

Principles of Lust [Short]

Model: @smartcookiecookie

Danza Emotiva

Muse: Niky
Music: Guillaume Gesquiere

How Wild The Sea

Photography, Concept, Video: Mike Stacey
Art Muse: Anne Duffy
Wardrobe & Styling: Anne Duffy
Music: "Undefined Consciousness" - Paul Mercer

The Far North

An Empty White Room

Featuring Art Muse Loz Lightyear


Colours of Spring

Another short video of stills from my shoot with Taliah Campbell. Music by Tom Pyrdol.  A post about the shoot is here.

Portraits II

Another chapter in my Portraits story.
Music by Tom Pyrdol: "Aeipathy"
Anne Duffy
Mea Culpa
Nic Nyx
Maddie Arnold
Elena Filippi
Flora Fauna


Earth's Shadow

Short clip of the vibe from this shoot with Sylph Sia.

A Girl and a Gun

Portraits I (2014 - 2016)

The first in a series of videos showing my most valued work.
Thank you to: Romi Muse, Elena Filippi, Gina Ananiadis, Maddie Arnold, Leone Knott, Ivy-Rose Raven, Nic Nyx, Lilly Rae, Bianca Wolff, Natalie Que, Mea Culpa and Flora Fauna.
All images were shot on film and hand processed in a small drum. No retouching and no editing beyond contrast and colour correction.

Adorned Teaser

 GINA ANANIADIS    Stylist/Co-conspirator
 BIANCA WOLFF       Artist/Model/Instigator/Inspirator
 MELUXINE                Model of a thousand faces
 ANNE DUFFY            Model/Collector of snakes, birds,  
                                     feathers and other organic elements
 ZACARIAH                Model
 BURTON YUEN         Hair and Makeup Artist Extraordinaire
 T. PYRDOL                Music - "White Owl"

Artistic nude shoot in a remote Blue Mountains canyon. 
Model: Sylph Sia
Styling and assist: Gina Ananiadis

Senza Parole

A BTS video showing the process from shoot through film developing to scanning and final edits.
Model: Anne Duffy-Model
Photography: Mike Stacey
Hair and Makeup: Burton Yuen 
H&M/Up Assist: Thomas Pospieszny 
Styling: Gian Styling 
Inspiration: the late Marc Lagrange
Video shot by Gina Ananiadis

Exile on King Street

"Exile on King Street" for Elegant Magazine Nov 2015

Photography: Mike Stacey
Model: Shay Jellick
Makeup Artist: Burton For Hair & Makeup
Styling: Gian Styling
Assist: Jason Lindsay

Get your print or online copy here:

Into Dust

"Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears."
~ Edgar Allen Poe ~ 

A selection of Art Nude works from 2014 featuring Anne Duffy, Keira Grant, Ivy-Rose Raven, Mea Culpa, Lilly Rae, Anon.

Shot on medium format B&W and colour film and digital.

Breathe On...

A selection of artistic nude work from the first half of 2015. Featuring the work of Anne Duffy and Ivory Flame (UK). All photography my Mike Stacey, shot on location in Sydney.

CBD Rewind

Short video of a recent shoot as seen in
Model: Ivy Rose Raven 
Hair and makeup: Kerrie Jane Bailey 
Makeup - shoot #1: Kye Burn 
Styling: Gian
Inspiration: Herb Ritts

The Carillon

Shot in May 2015 in Canberra with model Simone Luker (AVA Model Management): 

Thanks to Robert Coppa for guidance on mixing strobes and natural light.