Man Story

Last Sunday I shot with Kedori. It's been a while since I've photographed a male model on his own, without the presence of a female model. And it was refreshing and great.

I'd run out of TRI-X so used HP5 for these shots after having a great time with it on the last shoot with a strobe - but disappointed with these results compared to TRI-X.

Kedori mainly does physique modelling but I had something different in mind for him which was more online with one of the styles I often like to shoot - which is essentially portraiture work on film. The shots are often a more intimate view of the model, showing a deeper view, something more personal where the model isn't posing like they normally would - more natural and organic. This is often challenging for models because they're normally playing a role that can be quite different to who they really are, that's fine, I get that completely. But for shots like these, it doesn't work so well.

Kedori was great and fell into various relaxed positions naturally, with a slight edge on the attitude - something I always enjoy. The shots turned out great - very similar to what I often do with female models. Gritty, raw, no polish, sexy, sometimes hard hitting, and real. I love that and it was awesome to do this with a male model and see the great results.

Thanks also to life model Eric Clayton who helped out with not holding the reflector for the anticipated sunny weather which didn't eventuate :) Instead I gave him a halogen torch to use where we illuminated Kedori inside one of the old buildings where we were shooting. He also distracted some sightseers while Kedori was walking around nude (except for his motorcycle boots).

I'll probably be shooting more Men this year. There's a different story to tell about Men, and it's one I feel is important. 

Saturday morning gym session

The third shoot with Kelly we arranged to do at a local gym - New Dimensions. The staff here were great and very helpful. We ended up having the whole top floor of the gym to ourselves. I took along the Elinchrom Quadra lighting with a medium size soft box to help show off Kelly's amazing physique.

First off I stuck with the familiar, and went with a nice frosted glass window and natural light for some portraits. Then we tried a few different things, eventually sticking with the Elinchrom soft box set up high so that the angle of light would highlight Kelly's many ripples! 

We all ended up happy with the results. Kelly got her physique and activity-based shots and we got our more moody portraits.