Melbourne - Feb/March 2018

During February and March I made three trips to Melbourne. What's so good about Melbourne?  Well, it's just a great city with low stress for one thing. Like drive into the CBD on a Monday morning at 9.30am no probs. I wouldn't dream about even considering that in Sydney. Plus, the weather was great - more like a proper summer with some beautiful long twilights. Also, I was able to to stay with my dear friend Bianca and check out her new place - she moved from the Mountains to Melbs a little while ago. What else about Melbourne? Some great social aspects :)

Essentially my shoots consisted of impromptu ones around Bianca's house with her and her housemate Luca - and his partner Quinn. I also shot a number of times with @sotto__voce and we did a bunch of stuff ranging from sensual portraits, to edgy fashion/conceptual to a night time shoot in the CBD. More about that later. 

Staying with Bianca and Luca actually took me back a few decades. So refreshing to see this style of living thriving. The only difference is the lack of drugs, maybe not a bad thing. I felt like I haven't 'grown up' through all those intervening years.

Here's some shots around the house. 

Luca & Gloria

Bianca, Luca & Quinn


These shoots were literally almost done as part of breakfast and these guys were nude before I could even grab the camera.

Luca & Bianca

It's a happy household full of love and sharing where things are open and on the table.

Love is key. And no, it's not a fantasy world.

Quinn & Luca cooking pancakes for breaky.

Gloria laid an egg underneath the bungalow (love shack) I was sleeping in, that's what the torch was for.

Love Shack

This was such a home away from home. Maybe even more of a home than home.

Backyard people.

Quinn and his pancakes

Until next time sweet people...

Stepping out in Katoomba

Ama needed some pictures for the modelling agency Romel Management and we'd been trying to do the shoot for about three weeks but each time we tried to shoot, it was freezing cold. Not just cold, really cold. Upper Blue Mountains "sleet with wind" weather and as the outfits were pretty skimpy, well it just wasn't on. Until last Sunday! A balmy 14 degrees with a 'fresh' breeze -  perfect. Thankfully the sun was out in force.

Ama and Gina from GIAN Designs had worked out three outfits to shoot plus some variations from a beautiful sparkling sequin dress to casual jeans, boots, T shirt and jacket. So Ama, her partner Joel, Gina and I piled in the car with a boot full of clothes and cameras and headed into K-Town.

First up we shot the casual look out on the outside area of the Cultural Centre then spiced it up a bit with a couple of different jackets and a Fedora type hat against a grey wall just off the main street.

It's always interesting shooting in public like this but to make it more interesting Ama wanted to spice it up a bit for our own portfolios. Of course I didn't object. Just alongside the grey wall was a classic white wall in full midday sun. So off came the T-shirt, black jacket stayed on but open - the hat and jeans stayed on!.

Next up it was up to the Carrington for some shots in Ama's amazing sequined dress and another outfit from Gian Designs.

After a quick schooner in the Carrington we piled back in the car and legged it down to Mitre 10 at Wenty Falls where there was a bright blue corrugated iron wall which Ama thought would go well with her final outfit, a sparkly blue skirt with sheer blue top. The spot we shot at was only about 30m off the highway on a side street and in full view of the slow, sometimes stationary traffic from all the Sydney weekenders heading back to town.

DARK SIDE, everybody's got one.

All up a fun shoot which went for a good 4 hours or more so we were all pretty knocked up at the end of it all!

Saturday morning gym session

The third shoot with Kelly we arranged to do at a local gym - New Dimensions. The staff here were great and very helpful. We ended up having the whole top floor of the gym to ourselves. I took along the Elinchrom Quadra lighting with a medium size soft box to help show off Kelly's amazing physique.

First off I stuck with the familiar, and went with a nice frosted glass window and natural light for some portraits. Then we tried a few different things, eventually sticking with the Elinchrom soft box set up high so that the angle of light would highlight Kelly's many ripples! 

We all ended up happy with the results. Kelly got her physique and activity-based shots and we got our more moody portraits. 

The end of winter

This was the second shoot with Kelly and I was looking forward to getting down to the beach again to do it. The northern beaches of Sydney have always felt like home to me, so many days spent there with the family when I was younger and then into my twenties - surfing, cycling, partying...

We'd arranged to do some surfer girl shots plus a swimsuit and fitness/lifestyle theme. Kelly's a fitness model and has an amazingly honed physique, it's the portraits I love though; she has an inner strength that shines through on some shots and this is an aspect I always love to concentrate on - the True Colours series shows this side of my work best.

We managed to get a heap of good images, it doesn't take long with Kelly - her posing is very good but not overdone. We shot 3 or 4 different spots with varying light and outfits before it started getting a but cold and the goosebumps started getting a bit too big :) Then came the search for the keys in the sand on a big beach and yes, we found them!

Makeup: Holly Jayne Makeup 
Tan sponsor: Colour Me Bronze