Vanilla Life Issue 2 is Out Now

Vanilla Life Issue #2 is out now. Subscribers to the newsletter receive a 10% discount to the mag in either print or digital versions. I highly recommend the print version - I'm personally very happy with the quality of this one - MagCloud have got their printing sorted.

What's in it?

124 pages of:

  • Magazine quality, editorial-style fashion nude and portrait photography, both film and digital
  • The first in a series of articles to help you develop your own creative self which will help shift your work toward something acceptable in an arts based forum or gallery
  • A brief summary of each of the three editorials in the mag
  • Info on my workshops and mentoring programs

Newsletter subscribers will receive another email (sorry!) with a unique link to the discounted copy. It's the only way that MagCloud can do it unfortunately so I need to send that other email via MagCloud as they generate the unique link for you.

Coalesce Magazine

Very soon, Lauren Michelle (Loz Lightyear) and myself will be releasing a series of magazines called Coalesce. The first one is ready to go to print, we're just finalising some details. Coalesce is an arts-based publication containing images and text, most of the work being based on a particular concept. Keep and eye out for it, I'll send a reminder soonish when it's out - the first issue is looking really amazing! Much of the content you won't have seen before as we're trying to keep content for this exclusive and out of social media and personal websites.

Cheers and thank you so much for supporting me. All feedback welcome. Let me know if you like the mag and also if you don't like it - let me know why.

My MagCloud shop is here: but if you're a newsletter subscriber don't use that link for purchasing, I shouls have alreasy sent you a unique lknk to a discounted copy.


Here's a little preview of Issue #2