NO HANDS - The Exhibition / by Mike Stacey

Lauren Michelle and Mike Stacey are excited to bring the multi-media presentation 'NO HANDS' to SOMA Gallery in July 2018.

NO HANDS is an exhibition of photographs, drawings, paintings, poetry, installation artworks and a short film wall projection.

Through various mediums, both artists disentangle the varied emotional states of depression and bring light to the surrounding misconceptions.

We feel the work is powerful, while at the same time being thought provoking and emotionally stimulating. It has all just 'come together' really quickly - like it was meant to happen. 

On show at SOMA Gallery, Melbourne. 11th-21st July 2018. Opening night to be announced!

A Note on the Photography in the Exhibition

A large sector of my current photographic network is centred around model photography, often 'art nude' or 'portraiture'. The stills in the exhibition are neither art nude or model photography. They are probably portraiture - with many being conceptual representations of the theme, and while they are images of Lauren, the intent was not to portray a particular person. It's also not intentionally about 'beauty' - although I see much beauty in all of the work - through all the mediums that we're using. The work has a strong intent and concept underpinning it. We both look forward to sharing this work with you in Melbourne.

Instagrams: @lauren_michelle_artist and @staceymikephoto


And there is another announcement coming soon - for the work we did last year during a road trip to the South Australian desert. Coming soon...