Comprehensive Photographic Art Nude Course - Shoot then Edit

During April, Lauren and I ran a half day Photographic Art Nude course at WEA college in Sydney. As a follow up to that course, and also a response to some enquiries, we have put together a course that will suit the most people so as to reduce costs. The cost of the WEA course was very cheap and affordable, but unfortunately we just can’t price it the same way. As far as content goes, we think this will work:

Day 1 - 4 hours (afternoon)

 Shooting at a selected location at La Perouse that has great and varied natural light.

  • Genre: Art Nude
  • Lighting: various natural light configurations are possible
  • Working with models and/or non models
  • Developing your creative voice 

Day 2 - 4 hours

Editing and style guidance at an indoor location. You will need a computer with one of these programs installed. We’ll have one computer available at the workshop with both programs installed for demo purposes. If you use a different editing program, let us know.

  •  Lightroom: using LR for cataloguing and editing
  •  Photoshop: editing
  •  Developing your creative voice and style (cont'd)

We’ve left this workshop content fairly open in order to address and accommodate the specific needs and desires of the individual participants. We would really like you to come away from this workshop having learned want you really needed to know. 


  • 2 people  $520 pp
  • 3 people $350 pp
  • 4 people or more : $300 pp

If you are interested, let us know what you think - the next thing we need to do is arrange two dates that will suit; please give us some days that work for you and we can take it from there. Let’s make this happen!

We will both be away early July for our exhibition in Melbourne, and after that, Lauren returns to live in New Zealand. This leaves us only a small window to arrange and run this course before then. 

PS: If the above course content doesn't suit your needs, we are available for private workshops but the cost will be more than quoted above. Let us know if you are interested in this option. 

One of the images from the WEA workshop

Lauren at the La Perouse location

Lauren and Waiton at La Perouse

Waiton and Lauren at La Perouse