Vanilla Life Magazine Issue #1 / by Mike Stacey

The first issue of Vanilla Life is out now.

Quality editorial edgy fashion-nude photography, mostly shot on film, home processed, scanned and edited. The first five have already gone at the introductory price to blog subscribers only. Many images have not been published anywhere before. Grab a print copy or a downloadable one from the following link. 

  • $22.50 for a print copy plus postage (about $13 in Oz)
  • $5.50 for a high res downloadable PDF copy.
  • Or grab both for $22.

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Vanilla Life Magazine, Issue #1. April 2018.

By Mike Stacey in Vanilla Life Magazine

70 pages, published 4/18/2018

Fashion nude and edgy editorial portrait photography by Australian photographer Mike Stacey.

In Future Issues

Much of my editorial style shooting (which is most of what I do) won't be posted on social media. One or two, then the rest published in the mag, or to another mag - which has often been the case in the past. What will be in there? The stuff I shoot of course :) Which ranges from my own style of emotive and artful portraiture shot on film with my established workflow and gear, to nude art, to sensual, erotic; to my style of edgy fashion and story-based shooting (acknowledgements for inspiration to Lindbergh and Tran).

There is a lot of work in my archives that hasn't been published over previous years and even recently. The next post will have some examples.