Intuition / by Mike Stacey

This is another film produced by Loz and myself. It's probably the biggest in terms of time and production effort. We had shot a lot of footage, over three (I think) separate occasions and we spent some time on the edit. The idea of Intuition required more thought than previous films too, there's a number of different interpretations and finding ways to visually portray those was challenging from a performing point of view and also from the shooting and editing side. I hope those differing interpretations are possible in the final edit for various viewers. In the end I'm blown away by it and I love it.

The concept of the film was Loz's idea, I think it came to her in the night like they often do :) I can't express how much I enjoy and appreciate working with Loz. There are few truly collaborative partnerships like this around - we're very lucky, it's gold.

We've shot a lot of video over the last few months, and this is the first to be released. Stay tuned for about 6 more! 


Concept: Lauren Michelle
Video & Edit: Mike Stacey & Lauren Michelle
Music: Fever Ray 'Keep the Streets Empty for Me'
Featuring: Loz Lightyear & Reuben Johnson
Filmed in Sydney: December 2017 & January 2018