Melbourne - Feb/March 2018 / by Mike Stacey

During February and March I made three trips to Melbourne. What's so good about Melbourne?  Well, it's just a great city with low stress for one thing. Like drive into the CBD on a Monday morning at 9.30am no probs. I wouldn't dream about even considering that in Sydney. Plus, the weather was great - more like a proper summer with some beautiful long twilights. Also, I was able to to stay with my dear friend Bianca and check out her new place - she moved from the Mountains to Melbs a little while ago. What else about Melbourne? Some great social aspects :)

Essentially my shoots consisted of impromptu ones around Bianca's house with her and her housemate Luca - and his partner Quinn. I also shot a number of times with @sotto__voce and we did a bunch of stuff ranging from sensual portraits, to edgy fashion/conceptual to a night time shoot in the CBD. More about that later. 

Staying with Bianca and Luca actually took me back a few decades. So refreshing to see this style of living thriving. The only difference is the lack of drugs, maybe not a bad thing. I felt like I haven't 'grown up' through all those intervening years.

Here's some shots around the house. 

Luca & Gloria

Bianca, Luca & Quinn


These shoots were literally almost done as part of breakfast and these guys were nude before I could even grab the camera.

Luca & Bianca

It's a happy household full of love and sharing where things are open and on the table.

Love is key. And no, it's not a fantasy world.

Quinn & Luca cooking pancakes for breaky.

Gloria laid an egg underneath the bungalow (love shack) I was sleeping in, that's what the torch was for.

Love Shack

This was such a home away from home. Maybe even more of a home than home.

Backyard people.

Quinn and his pancakes

Until next time sweet people...