Fluid and Gestural Portraiture - for both our Modelling and Photography Workshops

This is a new thing we’ve started teaching at the modelling workshops. It’s a challenging little genre for both model and photographer. This is really Loz’s thing - I just found an interesting, different and effective way to photograph it - which also extends the way I already shoot some of my portrait work into this more expressive avenue. 

Fluid & Gestural Portraiture.

Now part of our modelling and also photograpy workshops

It’s challenging from both sides but there is definitely a way to do it properly, a technique/method, or skill to it and it’s quite amazing at what emerges out of it. For example, I rarely see a circular-ness to my images - most are quite angular and ‘edgy’. That’s what I love about this one and many of the others we’ve created using this method.


So from a learning perspective, this is now taught at the modelling workshops, and also at our photographic workshops. Personally, it has extended my own portraiture work into a new area and we’d love to share this in the photography workshops. For models who are wanting to get more fluid, dynamic and expressive, this is for you in our modelling workshops.

During our modelling workshops, you receive a set of professionally shot and edited images for your portfolio - it was amazing what I captured for the participants of our recent workshop during this part of the session.

So for both models and photographers...

Extend your Creative Direction

Extend your work and allow magic to happen; allow creativity to happen spontaneously. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, and can’t seem to find a new path for your work then you need to really...(worksop content goes here ☺️), then wait, and see what emerges.

Contact either Loz or myself for dates of the next courses - modelling and photographic.


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