Here are some recent edits from recent shoots that haven't been published here before...


Something different. Draw your own conclusions. A collaborative effort between Katarzyna and myself on the story with an open minded and open ended finish.

Eyes on Fire

Featuring the outstanding Anoush Anou. Music by Blue Foundation.


Sass-Kia is an art nude model mainly but her skill with portraiture and expression is where her real talent lies in my opinion.

The following two images are from a set we shot for Sass's Patreon account. You'll have to go there to see where this series went.


This wonderful art model - her expressive skill is really just so good.

So that's probably enough free content for now! If you're reading this blog and appreciate what I'm doing, let me know, I'd love some feedback. Each post and each shoot takes considerable effort, cost and time and these posts just go out into the ether with zero feedback. I also give away a lot of free information within these stories - most of that information I've gained from my own lengthy research and experimentation and persistence. Pretty soon I'll be winding the blog down and spending more time monetising my content! It's just too much effort. So thanks for watching, if you have been?!