Polaroids and... Polaroids - Laneikka / by Mike Stacey

Laneikka and I had worked together back in April. There's a blog post about that shoot here. She's such a talented girl, is just lovely to work with and understands my need for capturing emotion. 

So Laneikka needed some standard modelling polaroids for some agencies she was talking to. Easy. Studio strobe-lit photos are formulaic and take a bare minimum of skill and zero creative input from the photographer. I set up the Elinchrom strobes in the loungeroom plus a grey backdrop. Used two lights for the full length shots and one light, butterfly style, for the waist up shots. All done in about 40 minutes.

I had some styled art-fashion shots in mind to shoot on film - polaroids and colour 6x7. These were inspired by some recent browsing of Paolo Roversi's work, who I've admired for ages.

We didn't have the time or resources to create anythign exotic, lighting wise but I'm real happy with what we achieved in that small poorly lit corner of the loungeroom.

I ended up taking a window out so I could shoot from the right angle and still have good light. Also used a small 300W fresnel for a few shots and even bounced the Elinchrom soft box off a piece of white foam core in a few other shots. Using the Pentax 67 and a strobe needs a bit of thought as to the strength of natural versus strobe light as the synch speed is only 1/30 second. 

Laneikka had taken the brief seriously and brought along the most beautiful outfits - three of them that were almost perfectly matched to the reference images! So grateful for that. Her wardrobe is something else. Gina from GIAN Designs had designed and created some beautiful floral head adornments and also created a cool head wrap with some material.

The backdrops were a mish mash - I literally threw and draped various fabrics over the stands, knowing they'd be out of focus and merely provide some nice coloured texture to the images.

Laneikka put together a brief blog post on her increasingly popular fashion blog. You can see it here.