Conversation with Myself

"This concept is loose theme of having conflict between being and artist and a creator and vs model and subject and dealing with multiple perspectives and personalities within myself. Video/music "A conversation with myself". - Loz Lightyear - Art model-muse

For me this is what artistic collaboration is all about and this was an amazingly rewarding, enriching, moving, insightful and human experience. It cuts to the core of why I'm a photographer. It's 'about someone'. Thanks Loz 😍 for sharing your ideas and a part of yourself with me.

I look forward to the next last minute challenge where I'm briefed in the car on the way to the shoot 😀 The spontaneity though, helped make this even more amazing and I love that aspect of it.

I hope people have 3 minutes 36 seconds to watch this.

Loz's Thoughts

"I woke up with a flurry of ideas, spare of the moment stuff on the morning of our shoot, and I told Mike of the imagery and vague concept I had in my mind on the way there!"

"I can't emphasize the importance enough of trust and faith, to get ideas from the mind, to the point of being expressed in reality, and I have heaps of gratitude for Mike for that trust, even when my ideas seemed vague and a bit crazy, and also for the provision of his amazing technical skills and his own insights to help make that happen."

Video and Edit: Mike Stacey
Concept and choice of soundtrack: Loz Lightyear
Artist: Loz Lightyear
Music: 'Conversation with Myself ' - Fabrizio Paterlini
Filmed in Sydney, April 2017