Diamonds & Pearls / by Mike Stacey

Love working with Sylph whenever she's in town. So during her Sydney tour in April, we hooked up. Initially she was going to come up to the Mountains, but living in a new place that isn't great for shooting in I decided to book a room in a fave hotel in Sydney. That way, we could do the portraits we were talking about plus some other stuff - there were lots of ideas.

Basically the shoot was divided up as follows:

1. A set for Sylph's Patreon account - boudoir/strip.
2. Some smoking portraits - yep Sylph smoking :)
3. Diamonds & Pearls portraits (inspired by Marc Lagrange)
4. Something a bit sexier and edgy. 

1. Patreon Boudoir/Strip Set

We had the use of two rooms! Such a nice manager, he knew we were shooting and offered us one of the other rooms for a couple of hours before the guests arrived at 1PM. It had different décor and a different vibe so this was great for variability in our images.

I can't share these shots here except for one - a black and white version - the final set is in colour with lovely warm tones. The set starts with Sylph in some really stunning new lingerie she purchased recently and proceeds slowly as she takes it off, piece by piece until nude. You'll have to go to Sylph's Patreon page to see them when they're released - soon. Why not support a hard working dedicated artist while you're there? I do.

2. Smoking Portraits

Yea they're smoking hot and she is smoking :) Shot on film with the Pentax 67 loaded with Tri-X and also digital. We did a quick practice run before lighting one up, luckily the smoke alarms didn't go off. Although, I've shot some smoking shots in these rooms before with no adverse reactions.

3. Diamonds & Pearls Portraits

What's a Diamonds & Pearls portrait? Check out the series and the book by Marc Lagrange.

My ADORNED series of portraits were heavily inspired by Marc Lagrange - whose work I love. Imagine my interest when Sylph mentioned she'd been reading a copy of his book 'Diamonds and Pearls' and wanted to shoot some portraits along those lines. She brought with her some elaborate jewellery and of course she brought her elegant form along too, so evident in these images.

4. Something a Bit Sexier and Edgy

OK so Malcom Grant, Sylph's host, had given her a studded collar and said see what you can do with that. So we shot a heap of stuff with the collar being used in various ways. Most of these are probably for Patreon too. We also shot some fashion/nude portrait stuff against the wonderful slate coloured wall paper. I lit these shots so they'd have that edgy, almost Polaroid look.

As usual, there's lots more shots to edit from this shoot that will slowly appear around the place. If you're a photographer and Sylph's in your town - go book her now, you won't be disappointed.