Timeless Class

I've wanted to photograph Sophia for years now. We communicated a couple of years ago when I had an androgynous idea to do. For whatever reason it never happened and I didn't hear of her again until my mate Flavia shot her. Flavia's pics were inspiring, Sophia's amazing bone structure and face was easy to see and being a portrait photographer, well, it was a no brainer - shoot her.

We arranged to shoot in the CBD using some locations I've used previously. I asked Sophia if she had a suit - based on some images of Lindbergh's I'd seen recently. She sent me this photo:

So if that isn't cool, what is? I took one look and knew 100% we'd get some great images. Always nice to have that feeling before a shoot.

Gina and I met Sophia at the Post Office in Martin Place. I didn't have a plan until I walked around the block just before Sophia got there. It was all so clear. There were patches of reflected light everywhere, even in the middle of crowds - so to any photographer it's kind of obvious what to do, I was excited and just hoped the light would hang around until Sophia got there. It did.

I wanted to shoot this almost street photography style, so to capture other people in the shots but have them out of focus - that wouldn't be a problem as I rarely shoot higher than f4 on a long lens.  

Some shots took two or three takes and Sophia did the 30 metre walk through the crowd a few times to allow me to isolate her in patches of light and also to try and grab focus - this was pretty challenging. At one point I was standing on top of one of those round poles that are about waist high, in order to get the right vantage point.

Final shots were in a quiet location which had some perfect light, shadow and modern sharp lined architecture.

These are some of my favourite locations and I used to shoot straight architecture this way just usi the available shadows and lines to create abstraction. So having this beautiful model in Sophia to concentrate on within that context was really awesome.

Sophia was absolutely perfect to work with, very relaxed, so much so we had some afternoon smoko half way through the shoot. I couldn't even see Gina at one point from all the smoke.

And yes, there are plenty more images to come from this shoot.