Seagull / by Mike Stacey

Sophie is a friend of Zoë's so we hooked up for a shoot mid week out at my fave spot. We had an absolutely perfect day of weather too, bit windy maybe but I do like wind (and hair in the wind).

Sophie caught a bus out from the city, which was awesome of her. I picked her up at the bus stop and drove out to the car park in the National Park at La Perouse. Twenty minutes walk later we were at the spot ready to shoot in my usual cave.

Soph had brought some dark coloured sheer stuff, which I'd suggested as it always works in this light. I also had my sheer black shirt with me of course.

Soph is such a happy soul it didn't seem right photographing her with a serious or intense expression like I usually do.

This is where I think as a photographer you have to move, you have to be open and flexible to go with the flow, that meant for me to take great pictures of Soph, I needed to connect on HER level. When you do this, the pictures come easily and they are not forced.

I love these happy shots. Not what I normally do, but how could anyone resist a face like that.

I'd spied a lovely white fur in Soph's profile and had asked her to bring that along. So the next shots were with the fur, in the wind, with lots of hair - perfect!

We put one of my sheer tops under the fur which gave us this great look with the sleeves sticking out :)

Lots of film still to scan and edit. Here is one from a roll of TRI-X that was pushed to 1600.


I'm so happy with this video. The music - 'Seagull', by Bad Company is one I've wanted to use since I first started putting videos together, but have never had the right footage for it. As with many of my videos, the music seems to fall into place very easily as soon as I start editing. When I looked at the raw footage of Soph, then went to my iTunes library to look for a track, there it was, Seagull.

And the candid 35mm shot involves eating lunch.