Her Place

This collaboration was a real last minute thing, Mark Rhodes had connected me with Indie (Emma) as I'd posted to Facebook looking for a model due to the arrangement I had in place falling through at the last minute. Mark and Emma had worked together several times before dong mainly artistic nude type work.

Indie is a burlesque showgirl, circus performer and life drawing model. So as usual, what I wanted to do was totally different to all of that! 

We arranged to just shoot at her place. I bothered Emma with endless questions about the light in the house, which directions certain windows faced etc, she even went to the bother of looking up her place on google maps so she could give me the exact orientation of the rooms! She also sent me some pictures of the inside of the house and through all of this I was able to gather together some ideas before heading over there. I'm so grateful for all of that.

We shot in four different areas of the house where the light and compositions were best, starting in the living room where there were some lovely windows with large sills for Emma to sit on. Her cat Russell was around for most of the shoot too but it was real hard to get a good shot of both he and Emma together.

Russell and Emma

The hallway had a great patch of fleeting and reflected light coming in from the front door, so we quickly grabbed a few shots there.

I'd noticed a striking painting in one of the rooms - a portrait looking sideways, and decided to use it somehow. I'm really happy with these experimental shots and Emma's input into these was great.

I also noticed a nicely curved vase, whose outline seemed to mimick that of a woman's hips. So we used that too!

We finished off in the dining room where was a nice patch of light in the corner. After shuffling some bikes out of the way we shot the final roll using some neat shadow effects across Emma's face and body.

All these images were shot on film. There's plenty more yet to be edited, as always!

My fave image? I really like the last one and the first one. Thanks Emma for the shoot!