Darby's one of the best life/art nude models around the place. She doesn't do many portraits so this was very different and somewhat challenging for her, and challenging for me to shoot it right. I love that. I want to see the human, the person, beyond the physicality of art nude or life model posing. But that's just my thing, I totally respect others point of view and reference - this is mine.

Recent conversations with another life model said she found this very confronting, working with me in this way. The fact that I was looking beyond her physicality - that can be scary. People aren't really truly nude just because they have no clothes on - there's another dimension to nudity and nakedness - and that's where I want to go, sometimes. Thank you Darby, for goingthe extra mile.

All of these shot on film.

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Darby: http://instagram.com/darby_breckderry