Portraits from the Edge

Having wanted to shoot with Anoush for years, and missing her every time she's in Australia, finally near the end of March we got something happening. I could almost see the shots I took of Anoush, before they were taken, in fact I think I've had them in my head for years, because they came so easily. This is obviously helped along by the fact that she is a very experienced and talented model and she identified clearly with the concept I'd chatted with her about prior to shoot day.

Anoush was that invested in the idea she went and bought two dresses for the shoot - we had discussed which ones to get via chat and she went and got them. That's so awesome when someone invests themselves in your project like that.

I picked Anoush up from the model hotel (Malcolm Grant's place) at 2:30 and we drove out to Cape Banks to the spot I've been going to a lot lately. I'd planned to shoot for 3 hours from roughly 3:30 through to 6:30 sunset. Low tide 4:15 perfect. A nice stroll around this amazing part of Sydney's coast line and we were there, in the cave with the amazing light - my favourite light.

The first shot we did was the following one. I nearly said "OK, we're done, let's go home".

The dress worked a treat, and Anoush's beauty is somehow transcendent IMO - I mean there's something else there, something deeper, and she gets it out. That's exactly what I had wanted to find, explore and capture.

These were shot with the Pentax 67 on TRI-X. Using f2.4 on a medium format camera gives razor thin DOF.

The Portrait Video

We shot this at the same time as the initial portraits. 

After the first session we moved out into the area where there's blend of direct sun and shade. Most of these shots were done fluidly, so Anoush was moving as was I.

Edge of Light

And before anyone says I did all this light streaking in Photoshop - it was done in camera.

Teardrop Video

Finally got this edited out. It represents the feels and vibe, and other things to do with humanity and authenticity, I try and convey with stills and Anoush Anou, although nervous about the video, did such beautiful natural justice to this and whether she realises it or not, has expressed and said all I wanted to say.

Vintage Dress

Next set was a lovely vintage dress Anoush brought along, which went so well with the surrounding sandstone rocks.

Expressive/Emotive Portraits

Finally, the emotive shots. This is where, in my opinion, Anoush excels and this is the work I had wanted to do for years with her. You can actually see the setting sun in her eyes.

There's actually a heap more images from all sections above, especially the final expressive set, they'll be released at some stage soonish.

Thanks Anoush for being such a great muse and artist in this project that's been in my head and heart for so long.