She Brought the Sunshine With Her / by Mike Stacey

I'd seen some shots Duncan Turnipagenda had done of Caity and thought she had an amazing look about her but most of all, an incredible presence in front of the camera - I knew we'd get something good if we did something. Duncan's work is always a good guideline, it's true and honest and what you see is what you get. I Hooked up with Caity via Instagram and organised a shoot up at Newcastle.

It was pissing down at 4am on shoot day. Bugger it, go anyway and see what happens. It was an interesting drive out of the mountains in the pitch black, torrential rain with mist as well. Got to Newcastle and things looked a lot brighter but then as I was waiting for Caity at the main beach kiosk, the showers and squalls started again. It was really looking like it was a no go - but when she arrived the sun came out haha.

Went through some wardrobe items I had and went for a sheer black top, black undies and a wild looking fur Caity had. Perfect.

We shot some film portraits against a dark wall right behind the kiosk, then down in a large shallow sea pool. The light was great for a while - very soft but bright with a thin layer of clouds (big softbox effect).

Then off for a walk around some cool lane ways that Caity new about.

The final shots were done very spontaneously right behind the car in the kiosk carpark. Wouldn't matter what you put on Caity, she'd still look stunning, that's my leather jacket.

This was one of those shoots I was totally confident about before hand and it actually did work out that way. Caity was so cool to work with and the images reflect that. More images coming soon to the Stories section of the website...