Romp: 'To Play or Frolic Boisterously' / by Mike Stacey

So this was a big one. Flavia and I had been plotting for this shoot for a while. Lots of planning, purchasing of outfits and searching for a location etc. And she had a new second hand film camera and she wanted to shoot too :)

We finally settled on a hotel in Sydney - and I'm glad we did, this place is perfect for the stuff I do, and the light, well it's something else (I've been back and shot there again since then).

I bought a couple of dresses and brought along some other stuff too. Flavia brought a crazy collection of amazing things packed into a small bag, but what a gold mine it was in there.

Basic plans were to shoot some video and a few sets of images.

So we started shooting at about midday with an hour or so for lunch in the bar downstairs - that's one of the benefits of shooting in a pub, drinks and food are real handy. Much craziness and lots of laughter later, it was 7pm when we wound it up.

Rather than waffle on about the day's activities, I'll post some shots with captions to tell a bit of the story. Many shots from the day won't be published publically yet - until we sort a few details out, and then they'll most likely be available through

First up here's a 'making of' or BTS video.

Compilation Video - Behind the Scenes

Model: @smartcookiecookie
Video: Mike Stacey

Rich Bitch

A set based around a distinguished, classy theme but a highly irreverent attitude and juxtaposed to the style and class of the wardrobe and the setting - Flavia would be perfect for this. In other words, a 'fuck you' attitude - she's good at saying that :) She's also a good actor - being able to emote and express without the need to be 'posed' - to be able to carry a storyline - all this is perfect for a more realistic and cinematic style of photography, also great for video of course. And... more challenging for a photographer, which is great. Challenge me please!

This is a preview, full set coming soon...

And the smoking video...

A bit of an idea as to who rich bitch is. And don't smoke in hotel rooms kids.

And another short clip

Video and Styling: Mike Stacey - Model, Styling and Acting: @smartcookiecookie

Romp: 'To Play or Frolic Boisterously'

Synonyms: antics, pranks, larks, escapades, stunts, practical jokes, tricks, romps, frolics, fun, fun and games, skylarking, mischief, horseplay, silliness

A crazy set with crazy wardrobe (to be submitted for publication).

A Sexy Set. Of course.

All the sets of images contained a sexy element, this was very much part of the intent and the idea. No hiding behind any kind of 'art' premise, yes this is about provocation, about the art of being sexy and alluring, a skill and a talent with so many dimensions around control, power, pride, desire and all the rest. No shame in that. It's called Eroticism. And it's art, whatever that is.

Previews only - full set coming...


Flavia's Film Pics of Me

Eeek. See her photographer account on Insta. for more: @cookiepixpix


A Story Set - Waiting

This is a video and some stills of a girl waiting for her boyfriend to arrive, but he never does, so she starts drinking and smoking and getting a bit wild.


This is Flavia's thing.