Lucy and I hadn't worked together before but were both aware of each other's work. We'd made contact ages ago and tentatively arranged to do something when she was next in Sydney, as she was Brisbane based at the time. So Lucy contacted me when she was in town and we made it happen. I used the same location I had shot Flavia in the day before - and yes, the Sydney heat wave was still on, in fact it was a bit hotter for this shoot!

Lucy is an amazing model. Her expression is just so good, and she has no inhibitions - it freely flows out of her. Beautiful to witness and great to photograph! Her expressive attitude is very much her own - it's incredibly strong, but doesn't look forced or over done.

We did range of stuff, using the various lighting spots around the apartment - and finding some new ones, like the feathered light behind the big timber barn doors.

I shot a fair bit of 35mm film, which I haven't done in ages, plus the usual medium format and digital stuff.

So, we're both now looking forward to the next shoot, which will be soon I hope!

A more complete set of images will follow in the new 'Stories' section of the website.