Danza Emotiva - Nikolart

Here are some words about this shoot with the stunning Czech girl Niky, the rest of the images can be found in the Stories section.

This shoot was another one at Colin's place. Niky and her boyfriend Vaclav were staying in Sydney and made the drive out to Freeman's Reach - Colin shot first for two hours. I turned up at about 3:30 I think, got set up in the front room and we shot the first set there using the window light and black couch, which I'd used before with Taliah. 

Niky's an amazing model with such striking European looks and a soft and quiet personality - such a pleasure to photograph her.

I had a shot in mind for the dining room - but the light just wasn't right - too bright. I had the LED light set up but the background and to the sides was too bright for what I wanted. Managed to get around this by using the light stand in the foreground at my usually wide aperture creating a nice area of darkness on the right and a bit more mood.

I also managed to get some shots for my commercial portfolio which was great.

Still heaps more from the dining room left to scan.

Next off to the sunroom. I'd decided to shoot in from outside through the glass. We had to move around a fair bit to get the reflections right - and I ended up asking Niky to sit down so I could downward, which worked well using the door frames to frame her face. 

Back to the front room for some Helmet Newton and the finally the bedroom - where we also shot some video. I'm pretty new at video and Niky had never done it before and was actually a bit nervous about it. But she was superb, moving beautifully, sensually and freely.

The best part of the afternoon and evening was dinner. Colin cooked up some amazing steaks and also a vege bake. Colin's wife Bec came home from work and the five of us sat around talking for many hours. Vaclav's story of how he and Niky got together is a great one, especially the way he told it. 

So hopefully I'll catch up with Niky and Vaclav over in Prague!