Just a Summer Shower - Sienna Hayes / by Mike Stacey

Forecast rain. Again. Sienna's keen though, I love that because I'm quite willing to head out in some pretty foul weather - this is a legacy of a life lived doing outdoor stuff in mountains etc. It's usually never as bad as it seems.

But as we were driving down the hill to Maroubra beach, it started really bucketing down. Sienna had been on a long flight from Canada and had come from -3 degrees - I was actually concerned about her catching flu or something and then having to miss important shoots, and hence income, while she was here. So I said "Oh I dunno about this..." She says cheerily and convincingly, "It'll be fine, it's quite warm, getting wet won't be an issue and it may add something extra to the images." That's committmment and passion right there. The set of images we shot, plus a short video are on the Stories page - called "Wash Over Me".